thai tofu soup

Asian Tofu Soup

A few months ago I went to Thailand for 3 weeks with a very good friend. It was one off the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited. On this trip I learned a little bit more about the Asian kitchen. My friend and I just couldn’t get enough off the delicious Thai food. We had […]

vanilla chiapudding

Vanilla Chiapudding

Chia seeds are one of the new so called SUPERFOODS in the health industry. But what is so amazing about them? Chia seeds were originally grown in Mexico. In the Mayan language ‘Chia’ means strength. The Aztec warriors ate 1 spoon of chia right before a battle. They believed it would give them high energy […]

strawberry nicecream

Strawberry nicecream

Today I am so happy because I can share my first blogpost with you! Since I became a vegan you could find me in the kitchen like all day long. I experimented with all kinds of plant based foods. During this process I created a few great recipes. On this blog I’ll share all of […]